Business means Leverage

Running a business is all about having a good system in place with computerized system, you can operate your business in a more efficient and effective manner. Let us help you to build one. Let us handle the hard part to make your life easier.

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Why you need computerized system?

1. Keep centralized and up-to-date business information

2. Easy tracking especially on customer information, distributions and money matters

3. Reports for decision support. No more guessing games

4. Enforce SOP that you have set

5. Multiple users access and input

6. Improve customer service through customer self-service

Our job scope can cover any of the following

1. Consultation for a software development project starting from spell out the requirements, choosing the vendors and monitoring the project progress and compliance)

2. Implementation of open-source system

3. Development of custom web application

4. Technical training (in programming and database application)


Sistem Pengurusan Tadika
Sistem pengurusan komprehensif untuk sekolah, tadika dan taska.

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Sistem Pengurusan Ejen
Sistem Pengurusan Ejen, Produk & Pesanan. Urus ejen, produk dan pesanan dengan cekap.

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Sistem Pengurusan Perniagaan
Sistem pengurusan perniagaan online yang cekap dan mudah digunakan bagi membantu urusan perniagaan online anda.

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About Us

Why Us?

1. Simple and easy is what we believe. We love to make life easier.

2. For us, simple, easy and functional system is much better than a complete yet complicated and always crashed system.

3. You got simple documents and most importantly a working system. Not just a bunch of documents you don't want to even read or sign.

Our Beliefs

1. Software must be simple and working.

2. Some features are nice to have, why not we focus first on what must-have.

3. Thick documents are not softwares. We agreed on some written points together with the screens then we deliver you the real solutions. That's what you pay for and that's what will help your business. Not the thick documents nobody is going to read.


ADS Web Services Sdn Bhd (1363778-M),
Savanna Lifestyle Retail, C-01-26, Jalan BBLS 2, Bandar Baru Lembah Selatan, 43800 Dengkil, Selangor.